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this is embarrassing but i always thought it was yackity yack dont come back. wow lemme let this sink it. omg thats a cool sayin i wanna use frothin both ways!!!

yeh son let that sink in. yer ttly u can froth both ways! amzn

yackity yack dont do crack

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yack isnt even beach slang is it tho?? like yeah frothin is surf slang but yacking?? nah way u can do it idk everyone says yacking here?? like ‘aw yer m8 got fukn pissed i was yackin all night’ fuk i hated that cartoon dont relate it 2 that

omfg yackin i cant do it everytime i hear i just say ‘yackity yack dont talk back’ in my head i cant help it im sorry. its actually pretty funny bc people in melb say frothin as in drinking beers like they’ll say we’re frothin tonight meaning theyre having beers tonight

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i hope u start incorporatin my ‘yack vernacular’ into ur everyday life, next thing u kno u’ll be at the beach sayin ‘total bummer and sik 1’. i didnt know she was in2 bugs interesting…….

nah sick 1 is cool i like that i dnt think i could ever pull off yack or frothin tho im not beachy enough tbh. bummer i could also do actually thts not bad. rlly i think its just yack bc it reminds of that stupid cartoon yackity yack wtf was up with that

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i cant believe u just called my vernacular yack omg??? but same 2 u the first thing i asked lucy was if u were as funny irl as u r online (she said yes)

hahahah yeh i cant believe i said yack sorry its cool to go w/ ur chilled beach vibes tho.. wow hah lucy is so funny when she sees bugs she loves them so much 

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u are one of the best ppl on here!! everything u post is so good. ur rlly thoughtful and well read about heaps of sj issues and just v v nice :) we’ve followed eachother for ages which is cool bc ur awesome and hav an awesome blog !

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HAH despite ur ttly YACK vernacular (eg yack, frothin) ur actually prbs one of the funniest ppl here! super funny n super chill that u. u make me laugh and u got swag B) 

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remember that time when i was like 5 and u taught me the f word and mum came into our bedroom and told u off? classic. and that time you hit me in the head w/ a shovel? fuk u


u like the best things u have such good taste in music/movies/tv shows (still need to convert to game of thrones tho)  nd stuff ur blog is a+ quality u rock!!! 


!!! ur soo cool and super nice! when we hung out that was rlly rlly fun and like everytime i see a cool beetle or somethin  im think fk u wud love this.ur rlly fun  to be with and v punk rock :)) 

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Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you


:~~~~) :++++) go on

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possums r outside my window makin weird as fuck noises. wtf r they doin…pls come 2 brazil

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does anyone else convert oxygen into carbon dioxide or is that just me lol